gas tank cap question

I bought one of those little vent hoses with the anodized fitting for the gas cap(06yzf450). I opened the package, stuck it in some hot water to slip over the little nipple. It went right on & I didnt ride for a week so it dried up nice & tight. Well I went riding & after a few laps on the mx track, I noticed a lot of gas was coming out of it.I don't know if it has something to do with venting the tank or was it just splashing up & coming out because it wasn't sealed good? Any suggestions? I see a lot of people running these things, so I figured they must not have any problems. The only reason I bought it was to keep from running the stock one into the steering head nut.

Typically they get clogged with dirt and/or fall off somewhere on the track. There's nothing wrong with running the vent line into the steering stem. Any gas that does spill out only gets on the front fender and maybe collect a little dust.

My seal in the cap got stuck shut and gas went everywhere until I took it off and blew through it, works fine now.

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