Weird knocking..

So I just did the top end, and I kicked it over slowly and there's a little knock. Timing was set properly, so what could it possibly be?

Read the sticky FAQ at top of page before posting. Most common problems and answers are there.

is it a knock or a tick?

If its a tick, a shim could have fallen out of place while reinstalling everything?

It's the decompression pin which is totally normal. Once the RPM's go up, that noise stops. It's operated by centrifical force with a counter weight and a spring. If you pull the valve cover and watch the camshaft spin, when it gets to the decompression pin, you'll hear and see it. It's fine.

Thats correct. Its the decompressor. Its completely normal.

thanks guys, i read up on the faq's like susco said and thats exactly what it is. as soon as i get my linkage bearings pressed in, time to stud it out again!:ride:

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