KTM or Honda 250?

Looking for a 250 thumper for the wife.

KTM SX or Honda CRF... either one better than the other for a beginner rider?

Does she ride trails or track? How big is she? What experience? What riding style? What budget?

Newer wr250s look nice. Crf 250x can be a really good bike too. My friend rids a yzf250 in the woods and has a much harder time with it than I do with my ktm 200 2t. The advantage in the wr is the wide ratio gear box and trail extras, crfx too I am pretty sure....

I think the ktm equivilant for enduro/off road is the xcw-f 250.

Nothing worng either way but I'd look really hard at the KTM 250xcf if not the 200xc

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