Bark busters for pee wee,s ?

Does anyone know if they exist. :)

Yes they do. Dennis Kirk offers them in their catalog and online. Acerbis makes them and they are called "Rally II Minicross Handguards". Not cheap, though! $57 plus $28 for the mount kit!!! They are very stiff plastic w/ no aluminum insert and come in 7 colors.

I already purchased and installed full size ones on my boy's KX65 last year and he loves them. I constantly get crap from other dads about the danger of the kid's arm sliding through and getting broken in a crash. That is possible, I guess, but in a crash, anything is and it very difficult for him to simulate such a scenario. There just isn't that much room, which is a good thing.

I know for a fact that they have saved countless smashed fingers, brake and clutch levers, and have even kept him from getting "bar-tangled" at the starting gate when the kid next to him launches sideways into him. Though he actually has to force his hand/arm into them, I was thinking of devising some kind of enclosure across the bottom to absolutely prevent the "broken arm scenario". Maybe rivet a plastic or aluminum "plate" across the bottom edge..? :)

He likes them, I like them, and we have had zero problems after a full season of use; so they are staying! I think the protection outweighs the potential for trouble and plan to add them to my bike eventually. If you crash alot, they pay for themselves. As one dad pointed out to me: They certainly would have prevented his son's handlebar from coming up under his chinbar and puncturing the roof of his mouth causing incredible damage and reconstructive surgery! He put them on his bike now.

Thanks for the insight. :)

I was going to mention the same guards. I just found the mini acerbis rally guards last week. I wanna get a set for my kids TTR90. I run the full size rally gards on my yz400 and love them. They are really hard to break. I figure that the mini rally gards will pay for themselves in saved brake levers.

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