Advancing Ignition Timing CRF80 ??

Can I slot the holes for the pickup or pickup base plate to advance the timing?

Does it help? I tried the Trail Bikes ignition box and noticed no difference at all.

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I've read a couple threads on it and he said it helped. Maybe do a search, but it seems like you already know what to do.

Thank you!

Maybe I am looking in the wrong spots, but I could not find any info on anyone that did slot the plate mounting holes. Is it a sink hole in time or is it as easy as elongating the mounting holes?

from what i heared you can just slot the holes, im going to try it too

It's fairly easy if you have the right tools

but just make sure you don't advance it too far!

Cool! I will do it tomorrow. Thank you for the feedback.

let me know how it feels after the mod

OK (Step 1) I used the proper puller to remove the flywheel. (Step 2) I sloted the holes to the left (CCW) about 1/8 inch with my Dremel tool. I ground just to the edge of the original screw head major countersink OD. I tried to grind it concentric with the original hole radius relative to the center. (Step 3) I needed to slightly grind the outside of the pickup coil mount to clear the case cover. (Step 4) I needed to grind down the bolt head height to clear the flywheel. The first time the bolt heads tried to occupy the same space as the flywheel and locked the motor. If I did the math correctly I think the 1/8 move of the base plate CW allowed for about 3 to 4 degrees of advance. It sounds and feels stronger.

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