What year is my KX125?

Hi there,

I have a Japanese KX125, I think it's a 1991 model, or 1990 but I'm not sure.

the VIN is KX125F-000419

Can anyone clarify? :ride:

It has 1 radiator (left side)


i think 88

according to the site i look parts up on, the F was only made 1 year 1988

isnt that # off the engine, the VIN is on the frame

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pics would help 2

if it a factory installed bike with one radiator than it cant be any newer than 1989.


Generally, "F" = 1988 and 1988 only.

So you think its safe to assume its a 1988 model?

It may be past normal operating hours there, but you may want to call a dealer to be more certain. In the USA, dealers had various "Model Recognition Guide" manuals. My information comes from one of those.

G was 1989.

Thanks for all your help.

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