tire selection on xt600

just got me a nice 87 xt600 i plan on just riding her on the dirt around hear are alot of muddy slimmy trails along with soft mountain dirt. some hard stuff but not alot. i was thinking irc m1a and the m5b but ive not seen them on a bike befor or seen anyone run them. also what do you all think about the 140 on the back of the ole xt will it clear. stock is a 4.60 looks to ahve plenty of room but a 140 whew thats alot of rubber. and i am in no way a racer just ridding in some ruff nasty terrain. and some hill climbing.

I'll double check, but I think the widest tire I could cram in my 550 swing arm was a 130, your swing arm is close enough to mine that I really doubt a 140 would fit.

I'm lovin' the Kenda Trakmaster II, gnarly enough and still DOT legal with decent enough (don't over inflate!) pavement manners. I realize that's not part of your criteria, but when you hit long patches of really hard packed dirt or if you get some of the mountain tops that are solid rock, it might as well be pavement.

Compared the diagrams, did some part number lookups... I bet the 140 tire will fit just fine on your rim, however, I don't think it'll play very well with your swing arm unless you go for a non-knobby tire which is probably not the best choice for riding in any kind of muck and would be frustrating for hill climbs.

My $0.02. (you get what you pay for).

Good luck.

Great all around Trail Tire.....A bit soft for asphalt, BUT, sticks off road in almost all conditions.:ride:

You can always take a razorblade or old kitchen knife and trim a bit off the very side-edge knobbies so the 140 will clear the sides of the swingarm. I've done it lots of times and stuffed some very fat rubber onto my bikes, plus a fat rear meat just looks great. But I am not a racer so I don't lean that far over, some of you more hardcore riders might miss that side rubber.

I would measure your tire to oil tank clearance. I put a wide knobby on my '86 and just about tore the tank off and sliced off a bunchn of side knobs.

i hope it clears because i ordered the 130/80x18 m5b and the m1a fro the front i hope they are good tires and clear

i hope it clears because i ordered the 130/80x18 m5b and the m1a fro the front i hope they are good tires and clear

No experience with the M1A, but I think you will like the M5B. It works great in the soft and mud. It is also a pretty tough tire. It roosts like nothing else.

IRC 4.00x18 DOT Legal TR-1 (not the TR11) bias ply.

Best D/S tire I know of.

The Kenda K270 is a great choice too.

Ride on.

is it just me or is these bikes jetted kinda rich from the factory. mine smokes just a little and smells rich. im not to familiar with these bikes is that the norm for them.

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