Let's see them glowing red headers!!!

Post your photos of the cause of the most asked question on ThumperTalk!

Here's my lame effort :ride:



Nice photoshop job. If that is real you have some serious problems. That can't be good.

correct me if I am wrong, but are you running really lean?

You would be amazed, but just letting a lot of 4-stroked idle for a while will do that. Do it at night in your garage, and then turn out the lights, it is pretty shocking!!

Wow, thats really glowing. Gotta check mine out

FMF misnamed their pipe. It should be a "Cherry Bomb".:ride:

i thought that was normal?:ride:

yeah they get red and yes you can do it at night, but there is no way that a bikes header should be get that red in plain daylight, not at all, and even if you let the bike sit there and idle it would more than likely overheat before the header became that red.

That's crazy glow. Jetting, timing, or it's running on a dyno!

That's just crazy! Just think of all the burritos you could cook on that thing.

got the munchies do we????


mine used to do that but it was missing a fuel screw then

^^wow thats PHOTOSHOP!:lol:


yeah... It melted the clamps that held the carbon on......


Thanks For the Good Laugh!!!!:ride:

^^wow thats PHOTOSHOP!:lol:


Looks like a fine job in MSPAINT.EXE to me!!

no guys I swear its real... It happens every time I put it in neutral and give it full throttle for 5 minutes straight, way too lean.....

i knew it wasn't just a fourstroke problem!

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