newb Jetting Opinions wanted please..

alright ive got my fcr now and i got it all cleaned its of a o6 yfz and im about to put it on my bike along with the 400ex carb to airbox boot... the mods i have are..

its a 05z400

stock bore

yoshi full system

new style hot cams

kw valves and springs

12.1 comp piston.

dyna programable cdi

pro desgine air fitler with no airbox lid.

now my question is what do you think about my jetting ive been doing alot of searching and this is where im thinkin im gonna start around and advice would be gladly taken.

165 main

45 pilot

40 leak

with the nvqc needle on the 3 clip

my elevation is around 850 ft and i ride year round..

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