Cant get needle holder out of slide

I went to change the position of my main needle on the 125sx and the cheap bolt that holds it down into the slide was stripped, and needle nose plyers wont turn it, anyone had this happen?:ride:

yes, it is a 6mm head and many people use a 1/4" socket and screw it up. Now try the next size smaller socket or get it out how ever you can, Get a new one from a Kawasaki dealer or from Sudco or Carb parts wherehouse. KTM wants too much for the same part.

I had to pick up a 5.5 mm for one of my holders. Sears had it. if it's completely rounded off, you may have to get a pair of small vise grips. Go to the store with the parts in hand and see if you can find something that will work to get it out.

I recently had this happen and took the slide to my KTM dealer and they used a special tool to extract it for me for free.

Thanks for the good ideas guys , I was hoping toride this weekend!

Yeah! got it out with a pair of needle nose ground down to a v on one side . Also got local Honda shop to order one for 6.00

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