SRA GP number plate backgrounds

I'd like to order some number plate backgrounds with my number and the SRA logos and stuff. SRA has a specific layout required for the front number plate.

Number centered on "V" bottom left, "SRA" bottom center, "10" for the year bottom right. And then they also gave me a green stripe for Novice class. I'm not sure where the green stripe goes...on top?

Anyway, I would appreciate it if someone has a photo they can post of their front number plate background from last year for my reference.

Let me know what you guys do for your backgrounds.



Anyone race SRA?

I did for years and never ran a specific background.Just run your earned number.SRA is really kick back as far as that goes.I really don't think you will catch any flak if your #'s are not correct.If they changed their program then it is new to me.

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