2010 CRF250r + fuel filtering

Hey guys,

I've read that the gas should be filtered before using it in the new crf.

My question is how is it being done. I've been to many auto supplies stores and can not find any filters that would mount in a funnel or gas can etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I just ordered one. I've only filled up the tank once, hopefully that did not clog it up already??

i saw one that goes inside the vp racing fuels cans.

anyone know where that was??

After filtering the fuel for my 09 450 and 10 250 and seeing the junk in pump gas I will filter the gas on everything.

personally i dont like the idea of the mesh filters that go in the tank because if you leave them in which seems to be how they are meant to be used you still have the crud inside the tank. agreed its within the mesh but could theoretically break down further and sneak past the mesh.


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