09' CRF 250 or 09' CRF450??

Hi guys,

I need some advice here. I currently ride a 2009 KTM 250XC. I bought this bike after many years off from riding and I had plans to exit he MX world for good after a bad wrist injury many years ago. Long story short, I did 2 harescramble races all year and ended up riding MX after my wrist ended up being OK. My 250XC handled my local track very well (a little soft) but I would like to get back to a proper MX bike. I rode a friends 08' CRF250 as well as a 07' CRF450. I found the 250 felt extremely small and thought I was riding an 80, and overall I was kind of uncomfortable and timid on it as I didn't feel the bottom end power was there compared to my 250XC. The 450 felt completely different and I could ride it balls-out right from the get go as I felt much more confident on it. However the 450 was noticeably heavier and not as easy to flick around the corners, and I felt I had to concentrate on controlling the added power and not letting it get away from me, unlike with my 2stroke 250 where I could let is scream and not worry to much about it getting away from me. I am 5'11" and 180lbs. Judging by what I just said it would seem the 450 is the way to go for me, but all my friends think that if I set-up the 250 properly then I will be much quicker on it and could last longer. Has anyone had any similar experiences?

If youre 180 lbs and have been riding a 250 2t, definitely get the 450 hands down. You would be wringing the piss out of a 250f to get the power you want. Especially of you are riding for fun and not racing, the 450 sounds like a much better choice for you. It will last longer and will always have the low end snap to get you over almost any jump on the track.

sure you were riding a 250f i didnt feel any size differents between the 250 and 450 only power differents. The 250 is easy to throw around but just gotta make sure your in the right gear outta corners. The 450 tho just got power in any gear yeah yeah 450 gets my vote

I kinda had the same situation a while back. In 05 I bought crf450, way to much bike for me to handle, I got used to it but still would find myself wondering what a 250f would have been like. After about a year I traded a guy for my crf450 for his crf250...I couldn't have made a better choice at the time for my riding ability. The 250f was a great way to learn how to ride track and gain confidince. Now come end of 08 I saw that the new crf450 was fuel injected and none of the 250f's were going to be, so i made the jump to the 09 450 and am very happy with this bike. Like was said before, you don't have to worry about what gear your in to hit a jump, and also you don't have to pin it everywhere to make power. I wish i could really have both bike though!...lol

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Well there was a noticeable difference to me between the 250 and 450. I got on the 250 and half way around the track I had to stop and thought maybe my friend had tricked me and gave me an 80, i'm serious. Anyways, my gut says 450, mostly after the fact that I progressed light years on my 250 2stroker this past summer and could keep up to some of the guys on their 450's. So i'm thinking maybe a 250F may be a step backwards for me? Has anyone driven an 07' and 09' 450?? I rode the 07' which felt good, and I read that the 09's feels lighter and more agile.

Well there was a noticeable difference to me between the 250 and 450. I got on the 250 and half way around the track I had to stop and thought maybe my friend had tricked me and gave me an 80, i'm serious. .

That's crazy, since physically they are about the same size, other than weight and such. But the weight difference can make it feel like you are riding a smaller bike. (Not saying what you felt was wrong) But I am short, so all bikes seem bigger to me... Ha Ha.

I agree with going for the 450. If you are coming off of a 250 2t you will just be downgrading going to a 250f. And the 450 should really have that low end you are looking for.

I've owned both and stepped up to the 450 after about 7 months of owning it. I had an 05 450 that was brutal, but I love this bike. It really does feel like riding a 250F. I'm starting to ride the woods a little bit more nowadays and it has no problems at all. I'd spring for the extra 200 cc's.

Get the 450. Sounds like that's what you want anyway.

What you really want to know is: Are you man enough for a 450? :ride:

Seriously, I was in the same situation (2stroke 250 to 4stroke 250/450). Went with the '09 450. Smaller feel - huge power. Time to man up my friend.


After a week riding the 450, you are going to love it.:ride:

You'll be a better mx'er in the long run if you learn how to ride a 250F well, before moving up to a 450.

Probably true, however the OP rides a 250 2-stroke in MX and offroad and feels the 250 4-stroke rides like an 80. IMO, confidence on a 2-stroke gives you the better shot at being a better MX-er in the long run - more so than a short run on the smaller 4-stroke.

Good luck.

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