Hard cold starting after 3x3 mod. Help ???

Hey all..

I had a standard 400S UK spec..

I did the 3x3 cut and changed the main to a 155, PAJ 135 and fitted a kintech fuel screw (2.5 turns). Standard pilot jet still in place.

Blue JD needle, 3rd clip down.

Scorpion baffled race can, standard foam air filter.

Removed all the solonoids and PAIR..

After this change I found the bike was harder to start. Would take a lot more cranking but It would eventually fire into life.

Now its cold, its a REAL bitch to start. Battery drainingly difficult... BUT !! One small squirt of "powerstart" and she fires right up and idles beautifully....

Once the engine is warmed up, she will start no problem at all !

I'm thinking my pilot mixture is too lean as the power start brings her to life but the bike idles so nicely on those carb settings and pulls strong. Its just starting which is a problem.

I don't want to increase the pilot jet size just yet and the idle is spot on.

Any ideas ???

Thanks in advance , Ted

Forgot to mention.. Valves adjusted 70 miles ago. Checked again and still in spec.

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