Ready to step up to a bigger ride. Which ride should i look into?

Hay guys! Well im looking for a bike. Iv been looking at the some of the

2010s. I was loking at all of em. But i maybe getting used. But i was mainly looking at the 10s and i was looking at the crf250r and the rmz250 because i like the new fuel injection feature.

Or i may looking into a used 450.

But i used to ride a ttr125 and i have ridden a yz250, yz250f, and a yz450f. I love them all! They are awesome bikes!~ But no affence to you two stroke lovers im sort of gona stick with a 4 stroke, but there is still the thought of getting a 2 stroke in my mind . But mainly four stroke.

is there anything you would recomend? Any info on these bikes? Also what bout the later models of the yzf, crf, kxf, and the rmz?

I hear hondas have valve problems but any info bout that. But im 15 years old 5'7 and like 170lbs but im gona be weighing like 145 at spring because ( wroking out) :ride:

But what bike do you guys think would be right for me?

thanks guys!

your gonna kill your self if you go from a ttr125 to a yz540f.

look at a 250f, or a yz125

Do not go to a 450, you will be scared coming off a ttr125 and so I would say go for the 250's. Between all the bikes it is pretty much pick a color and just take care of the bike and it will be fine. Although, EFI sounds tempting I heard it has really taken away from the power and as long as you jet the bike it will be fine. I say go for the Kawisaki or Suzuki

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