06 RM250 make over

This was my bike as of last year. But I wanted to do something a little different for 2010.

Started as this.


Did the top end and went through and greased all bearings.


Started to get the parts in as I ordered them.



All I have left is my matching front wheel, suspension revalve, tiresss, and some random needed parts/ bling parts.


Sweet!, when are you going to get started on my bike??

The white plastic really looks good with the graphics that you used.

I noticed that you have a REKLUSE clutch cover, is there one inside? And if you do have an auto-clutch how do you like it? I'd like to know about the good - bad and different about them. I'm still thinking about getting one for my '08 RM250, the price is a little bit steep and that's why I'm hedging.

I am super happy with the way it turned out. I have 2 06's(well ones my dads :ride:) and both have the auto clutch. One has the regular with the perch adjuster and the other has the pro. I love them for the woods as long as you have the over ride to still get normal clutch action.

Pros: Smooths out the hit a tiny bit.

No stalling in nasty tight stuff

no stalling when you slam on the rear brake


Only thing I can think of is you can bump start it

How easy is the Rekluse install? I keep hearing about needing to shim or at least be able to set them up within a particular thickness?? And did you have to increase the idle RPM? And then there's the Z-Start, the Z-Start Pro and then the EXP. What's the big diff between them?

The KTM guys seem to love them but try telling them that you want to install one in an RM and you'll get ignored.

Sorry to hyjack your thread, your bike really does look good ... especially the clutch! :ride:

I didn't think it was too hard. The initial install it the toughest seeing as you have to readjust it after a few rides. But after that I haven't needed to touch it and my clutch plates lasted a whole season and then some.

The Z-start comes with no clutch over-ride. But I have the perch adjuster with it that allows you to have the over-ride. This is the one that is on my bike and IMO I like it more because you can adjust when and how hard the clutch engages without digging into the clutch.

The pro is like above, but has all the adjustments internally.

Any other opinions?

This was my bike as of last year. But I wanted to do something a little different for 2010.

Started as this.



Is that an 86 DR125/200 in the background?


lol, yup... dr125

lol, yup... dr125

had an 88 dr100 when i was 10, beat the hell outta that thing and it kept on going. back before i knew what mantainence was lol. seeing ur 125 really brings back the memories:ride:

lol, yup... dr125

Whatcha gonna do with it?

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