Ec 450 owners

I am keen on the idea of a european enduro bike and the gasgas is at the top of the list. Id like to know how reliable they are over the longterm and what its like to live with one.


I don't have any experience with anything European other than an '09 Husaberg FE450 and two Audi automobiles, but if they are any indication, you'll not go wrong.

The Berg's one of the most amazing motorcycles I've ever had the pleasure to throw a leg over in my 30+ years of playing in the dirt on two wheels.

It would be nice to see a GasGas up close. I did, probably 15 years ago, but things have changed dramatically since then.

Hi all...

well... This is my first post!

English isn´t my first language... I´ll intend to explain fair!

I own a 450 ec 2009 and a friend of mine has a 2005 450 fse.

Gas gas 450 fse had engine issues up to 2005. In 2005, factory changed some engine parts and these issues were finished, but there are some 450fse 2005 that hasn´t these changes and some of them don´t work fine . In 2008 the bike have had a new chassis and engine changes. My 2009 gasgas is different than a 2005. Suspension is different too. My 2009 is more difficult to ride than a 2005. It´s much more abrupt, jerky and stalls easier than a smooth 2005, but... my 2009 is much more nervous, powerful and go to 9000 rpm. much quicker. Gas response is much quicker than a 2005 too and is "instantaneous" comparing to a carburetor bike.... I love it! and my friend love it too and prefer my bike... :-D.

Well... We haven´t realibility problems and I don´t know anybody that have problems with this bike if it´s 2006-2010 year!


My good friend rides an '07 450 and let me tell you, this thing has traction like no other bike I've rode. He is running a rekluse auto clutch which is adding to the traction but this bike is impressive. It does feel a little heavy at times in the slower going but once you get moving it is quite nimble. The weigh seems to be carried low in the chassis. Reliability is not an issue. GasGas has a reputation for building bulitproof bikes. We also ride with a '09KTM 450exc and although the KTM feels lighter over all, the gasgas is able to carry more speed in the rough stuff due to its great stability. if you have a decent support network in your area it's a no brainer.


4 1/2 years living with an '05, great reliable bike, no issues. Don't go ,04 or older.




Nice looking bike. Where did you get the swing-arm sticker?

My GasGas dealer had them and I didn't like the cheesy "4 Stroke Engine" sticker that came on it. Those pics are a couple of years old, the Ohlins sticker isn't on there anymore, now it has a sticker that is almost the length of the swingarm with my dealers name on it and a matching red and black color scheme.

Again, great bike, but now I keep an extra relay from NAPA in my pouch since I had one go bad last year, cheap insurance. Oh yeah, and the kick stand is the worst but it can be fixed.

The sticker said, "4-stroke Engine"???

That is awesome...I would have left it.

I are just embarrassed to be riding a 4-stroke. That's it, isn't it?

I was thinking of welding a big fat expansion chamber over my exhaust pipe and attaching baseball cards to the spokes, that should fool most dirt bikers...:ride:

I don't know why GasGas chose to state the obvious, maybe they're just extrememly proud of their engines, which they should be.



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