I'm back...I missed this place!

After I sold my XT550 I kind of lost touch with Thumpertalk. :-(

I spent a bit of time tinkering with my 2-strokes since then...between the 02 Blaster, the 71 RT-1 that was my dad's last bike, and the 72 DT-250...I've had my hands full!

I bought my son a TTR-90 in late summer and welded up some under-frame training wheels for it, and so far he's had a blast! Between electric start and semi-auto it's been pretty hassle free for him. He keeps asking me to take the training wheels off, so this spring we'll probably be doing a little trail riding.

A friend of the family bought himself a tricked-out CRF450X, so this week I finally got to buy his "old" XR400R (I always wanted one). I can't wait until this latest snowstorm blows over so I can maybe take it for a few trial runs!

I'm sure I'll have some questions in the near future as I sort out these 2 new-to-me thumpers. In the meantime I'll be browsing and enjoying the return!

Thanks everyone for keeping this place alive and kicking!


welcome back....your son will now ensure you keep riding it sounds like.


Yeah, or at least keep me on thumpers again for awhile! I haven't stopped riding since I was oh...about 5 years old. I just change my mounts every now and then! Thanks for the welcome.

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