Getting Plates for a WR450

Greetings all,

I live in CA and just bought a WR450 a few weeks ago and tried to get Vermont plates through the mail (following instructions found on the I-net). Turns out I was 9 months too late as this loophole has been shut down. So now I'm trying to figure out what my next best option is for getting plates.

I was told by Baja Designs that as long as I didn't let the dealer register the bike initially in CA that I could get my plates in another state and then transfer the bike back to CA at a later date and everything would be fine. Well now here I sit wondering what the heck I'm gonna do. I have the original MSO from the dealer so the VIN is not in the CA system. I called the AZ DMV but they told me I could not register the bike there unless I was a resident.

Any suggestions? I'd hate to give in and register the bike in CA as a red sticker....................

I have talked to a friend of mine at consumer affairs, breau of automotive repair and he said in California the VIN code determines if you can get plates so if you bought your bike in CA then you are out of luck, cuz it has too high emissions to be street legal. You can sell that bike and then buy from Canada and get a green sticker and maybe get a license plate.

Vermont loop hole? I am going through the Vermont process for the third time. Had success on my '98 & 2001 WR's. Presently trying it on my 2003 Canadian WR. Vermont has sent back my paper work because they wanted "originals" and not copies of documentation. I called them and talked to the supervisor about my docs. I sent the docs back in a week ago. They said nothing about closing down this process. What have you heard? I will let all know what happens. Just maybe, Canadian bikes are different?

I got my Canadian WR450 plate from Vermont last month. They will not issue any bike a plate if the paperwork says "offroad" or "dirtbike" on it. Thats what I was told is the "closed loophole". Try to get your dealer to re-issue the paperwork to you without the buzz words. Or, try using a relative in another state to reg it, then later xfer to CA.

Good luck! What a pain, but a great bike!!!

How about the AZ connection with a mailbox at Mail Boxes Etc (or whatever their new name is)? Dunno if it will work but I have heard of people that use a PO Box for their drivers license address just so photo radar tickets have no where to go they can't beat. Then transfer the bike in. Mark

I received my plates for my wr300 last year. i went to DMV and explained my off road was converted. they gave me a title based and told me to get it inspected.

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