Looking for XR4 header

I'm looking for a replacement header for a 2003 XR400. My header has 1 pipe that's about 30% closed by a dent and it can not be fixed without cutting and welding.

Can you point me to some sources?

Have you tried filling it with water and freezing it ?

Have you looked on ebay? You could also repair them with a torch and air compressor.

This will give you an idea of how it's done. I'm not 100% sure how you would seal off the outlet, but it wouldn't be too hard to figure something out.


It really works, I helped a friend of mine do this. Just don't turn the air pressure or heat up too much because you could blow a hole out if you are not careful.

FMF has a promo until April (I guess) for a powerbomb (or megabomb) Heather for your XR, that also includes a slip-on while you're there..

PowerCore 4 is very loud, I'd go for a Q4.

The part number for the Q4 muffler is (041334) and for the Powerbomb header it is (040018) if you want to go the FMF way www.fmfracing.com

My slip-on (Powercore 4) has an amazing build quality and the price wasn't that bad. Sounds loud (people WILL hear you come) but a good kind of loud, hehe.. Better try the Q4 in case you don't want to scare all the animals in the woods... :ride:

All he is doing is filling them with water and freezing them. Works like a charm.

All he is doing is filling them with water and freezing them. Works like a charm.

I think Eric uses a variety of methods to fix pipes including heat. Either way $35 is pretty dang cheap for someone with some experience to fix your pipe rather than experimenting yourself. When water freezes it can easily burst your pipe.

I found one from an '97 on Ebay for $35. Hope it cleans up good.

thanks for the tips.

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