Need help 2 stroke or 4 stroke for track and trail!

I have a very aggressive son who is 4ft 4inches tall and weighs 67 pounds. He is beating the death out of his XR70 and wants something with more suspension and lighter with a clutch.

Some persons have suggested a stroke 65 or 80 and he has had time on a ktm 50 and did not like it besides how light it was.


I really would like a light four stroke or some REAL advice on how to tame down a two stroke 85 without a ton of engine work ( flyweight changes because i am not that engine savy) I had a kdx200 back in the day and that type of power band would work!

that size I would be looking at a 65, I dunno if they make a fww for them

next up would be a kx100 they are smoother than a 85 and the same size, great wife bike too, I know they have fww for those

For that size 4'4 go for a kawasaki 65 or a ktm 65. 4'4 is like a foot too short for the 100.

What about putting smaller size rims on the kx100? going a tad mini?

i used to ride with 10 year old twins about that height. they both had kx65s and those things ripped for being that small although i thought the powerband got a little jumpy at times especially in the woods. i cans deffinitely say that a kx65 is a whole new beast from your sons xr.:ride:

Sorry but no one builds anything smaller than a CRF150R in a 4 stroke for a 4'4" er...

Your left with the 2 strokes (65's or 85's) and I'd think the 85 will be a little tall although there are lowering links for them. You can get the FWW for the 65's and if your son is truly aggersive he love the 65's...

If I am reading it right yo do not want to add a flighwheel weight. I don't think you will have a problem with the power of the kx65 if your son is an agressive rider.

If I am reading it right yo do not want to add a flighwheel weight. I don't think you will have a problem with the power of the kx65 if your son is an agressive rider.

the weight makes the hit softer, helps a lot on trail (without it they tend to spin pretty easy) and he did say track and trail


If you go with the 85, stay away from the CR and YZ. They don't have an exhaust valve which means weak bottom end power and screamin top. Good for an advanced mx rider, but bad for anything else. stick with the KX or RM. Not sure about the KTM.

I thought he was saying that adding a FFW was too advanced for him to do.

No I think I could handle the FFW install I need to get him on a couple of bikes and see how the 65/85 line up with him. I don't want to make the same mistake and get the 65 and he rides it for one year barely and then next year he is to big for it!

I would like a XR100 that is not a tank! He has a XR70 and beats it to death so the next step to me would be something like a KDX and was trying to do something close by getting the 65/85 and putting the FWW to smooth it out!

PS Thanks for all the input!

I have a yz85, and wouldn't recommend it for a kid his size......

Yeah, thats the hard part buy somn now or wait and fix up his pos xr70

For his size I dont think you really cant go bigger than a 65cc because of seat hight at 30in. The crf 80 or 100 is about the same size but not to good for an agressive rider.

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