Fluid in Crankcase Breather Tube

Everytime i get done riding, there is water, or something like water in my crankcase breather tube? It looks like alot in the tube, but amounts to maybe 5 drops on the floor? What is this and is it normal. '10 250r

Normal. Just remember to drain it and cap that sucker tight again.

I remove those stupid tubes. If you want, block off the nipple at the air boot and put a tube directly from the valve cover down past the shock where the other crankcase breather hose is at. You can leave it open without putting a plug in it. When you accidently turn the bike upside down, the oil will run out of the tube instead of dumping into the back side of the throttle body causing it to smoke like a pig and possibly doing more damage. Plus, you never have to drain it again. There's a company that sells a kit to do exactly what I said for like $30. 3' of clear tubing at the hardware store for less than a $1 and a $.30 plug. Same results.

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