Over the glasses goggles

I have to wear glasses because they are prisms and not regular prescription. My eyes don't line up and I have to wear these to see single vision. I don't think the prescription goggles will work. My 4 wheeler landed on my head causing this condition (see signature) and now I need these kind of goggles. Stupid hurts! Just now getting to where I can ride again. Didn't see much results on this in the search. If anybody has any info on what brands it will be greatly appreciated. thanks

I wear Scott 80 series OTG (over the glasses).

Oakley L Frame - work great with sunglasses. I am sure that they would work with prescription glasses.

Scott Voltage OTG is a good goggle. I wear a pair with my polarized sunglasses on and the work great!:ride:

I use Scott Voltage OTG as well , i like them and i wear large diameter glasses , i can't stand those small reading/granny glasses everyone wears , and the OTG cover them just fine !

I wear the scott otg goggles, 89 works. The set that I wear are anti-fog and work pretty well, although, the problem with them is that the goggles don't fog up......my glasses do. I need to try some anti-fog solution (used with my streetbike helmet while wearing goggles and it seemed to work pretty well.

I have a regular pair of scott goggles (cheapo $10) and they go over my glasses fine. I have a pretty narrow diameter glasses that I use for riding (dirt and snow) so they work well with regular goggles. But your best bet it to take your helmet and glasses to a shop and try a few pairs on.

Anything that says ODG on the box works, I also have scotts :ride:

I where my glasses under my goggles..I have had goggles that say over the glasses and normal...both work for me..never had an issue.

I use the Oakley large frame goggles. They work fine with my glasses, but I don't have large framed glasses. If you don't have any dealers in your area where you can go and try on some goggles, your best bet would be to order the OTG goggles (Over the Glasses) model of your favorite brand.

I've tried all of them, they all like to grab my glasses too much, but you can trim the foam with a razor blade

I just got the Oakley Proven OTG and they are great. They fit better than any OTG that I have used.

concur on the Scott Voltage

If you have smaller glasses then the Scott Voltage OTG are a good choice, the range of vision is smaller though. Otherwise if you like a wider range of vision with glasses on use the Oakley L Frames, those were my primary brand for many years and they hold up really well.

SMX & Option OTG from Smith are good and not expensive

I don't wear glasses, but I think personal fitment is more important that brand/model features. I would recommend heading to your local cycle shop with helmet and glasses and see what works for you. Oakley's fit me the best, O-frames I think.

When I wore glasses (before laser eye surgery) the Oakley L-Frames worked really well for me.

thanks for the replys. I liked the Oakley O frame before I had glasses. Taking the helmet to the dealer and trying them on seems like the thing to do. Don't know why I didn't think of that. Good knock to the head I guess. Thanks for all the input!

I've tried several different brands of OTG goggles. Oakley L frames work best for me.

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