Transmission vibration


I have a 2001 DRZ 400, off-road only model. The engine is super quiet, no clicking, rattling, etc. no smoking at all.....90% quieter than my Husaberg engine....The bike has not been raced. At low rpm, there seems to be some clunky feeling in the transmission. It is smooth as you accelerate, and the more power you put to it, the smoother it gets, but just chugging, which I do a lot of, as we ride lots of tight gnarly stuff, it feels kind of like when you are trying to chug your engine at too low rpm, and it is doing that whole snort kick thing they do when you need to shift down.......

But I believe this is in the trans.....It shifts great, never jumps out of gear, or does anything weird, but it just seems like something is wrong...almost like the trans gears are jumping up and down a little......Is this typical of a DRZ? This is the first DRZ i have ever had.

Any info is greatly appreciated.


do a search for "chain slap" When it is making this noise try to look down at the chain and see if it is bouncing up and down

OP, you are lugging the engine. Downshift.

OP, you are lugging the engine. Downshift.

Yep... or clutch it.

That may be what is happening. Like I said, this is my first DRZ. I will say this, last weekend I rode a friends Honda Crf 250x, while marking a Hare scramble course.....the trans on that thing was silky smooth, compared to the this normal ? Have any of you guys experienced the same dynamic? I am a maintenance guy...If it needs something, it will get it, but I am not just looking for something to work on......



check tranny mainshaft bearing behind clutch.we had a similar rattle sound from the lower part of the motor at idle and found this bearing shot and pieces of bearing in the crank case its good we found it in time.

Check the bolts holding the engine into the frame, if they are not torqued up correctly, you will get vibration through the frame.

Excellent. Will check both these things. Thanks guys.

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