Rod Replacment

While I have the motor half apart thinking about replacing the rod. From reading on here looks like there are about three options

Carillo 319.00 email from carillo

Falcon 219.00 from falcon web site

Pro X 179.00 xr's only

will be going back together with a J E 10.5 piston and a hot cams. Money is an issue to a degree.. I firmly believe doing it right once is much less expensive than doing it right the second time. I had the crank checked and it was in spec. Really would like to avoid any future problems.

What have you used and how do you it?

From what I can gather carillo and falcon do not come with the pin and bearing. Where would you source those from?

The piston pin? Buy the piston and pin from Honda unless you are going overbore.

I'm not sure what is on the big end of the rod, never took it off. It's not very easy and, in my opinion, is a job for a machine shop.

I always thought the Carrillo and Falicon were in the same price range...which leads me to suspect that the Falicon does not come with the pin/bearing/washers. :ride:

The piston pin? Buy the piston and pin from Honda unless you are going overbore.

No, the lower pin that both halves of the crank press onto.

My money would be on the pro-x, oem quality and alot cheaper.

I have used both the Carrilo and the Falicon on race engines, never broken either of them. The Carrilo, because the bearing race on the big end is pressed in, tended to go oval after extended high RPM (9200). The Falicon,that is one piece has never had this type of an issue. For an average rider, even with a moded engine, go with the lower priced one.

Pete (XLRAT)

I found out you get get a kit for the falicon from xrs only for like 290 with the pin and bearing that puts that a little over a hundred more than the pro x

ball park numbers are aprox 380 for the falicon and 270 for the pro x kit installed by xrs only.

I appreciate the input.. it is tough to make these decisions with out good information.:ride:

This is *great* info, as it's what I'm looking at doing right now. Thanks for doing the leg work, and posting it.

I was informed by my super mechanic that 600 rods and main bearings are if the small ends fine don't worry about them .I have however used cheap $170.00 rods in a few engines because I kinda believe if your in there you may as well do it and the bearings..They are still going fine..Make unknown but I believe they were made in Argentina.

There's Hotrods too. Price likely close to the Pro-X.

XR's only Falicon kits are the best.

You can find some topics about crank-failure with the cheaper ones (Pro-X and Hotcams)

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