Eddie, anyone, Opinions, DRZ400s Jetting.

Eddie, enjoy reading your threads. Similar question as others, Stock 2003 DR-Z400S 3X3 is done, 1500 - 2500 feet, temps 70 - 105F very very low humidity most time 0-5-10% Just got my JD jet kit from thumpertalk, what jetting, needle & pilolet with Kientech exteneded fuel screw do you recommend.

Is this correct.

Main 155

Blue needle 4 clip

22.5 piolet

Kientech 2.75

Runs good. Temp is cool today 60F, plug is a little on the whiter side then with stock jetting with 3X3.

left plug is stock jetting & 3X3, right plug is above JD jetting with 3X3.


Jetting sounds pretty good to me. If it runs well then leave it like it is and ride! :ride:

I think your thinking to hard

but I'm not the jetting expert

you could probably pull off a 152.5 or 150 main jet.

possibly red needle clip 4.

other wise if it runs well,leave it alone.

Thanks guys!! Just wanted to make sure it was not too lean. I figure its pretty close right now, and in the summer when the air thins and gets hot it will richin a bit. This forum is really great!! Back in the 80,s we drop our tool box off in a ditch with every thing we needed and did our test & tune. How hard would the bike pull, respons, wheels & quarter mile runs. Summer jetting & winter jetting, two jet sizes back thin could cost a piston when the bikes were jetted for the 105F+ and winnter 35s came around.

Agian much thanks, it,s nice to see I could go lower.

plug color with modern fuel will just have you chasing your tail.

plug color with modern fuel will just have you chasing your tail.

Thanks Eddie!!!

Update, JD kit. Rode the piss out of it today. Responds quicker, holds the front up in thirt gear better without hitting the balance point. No compalints THANK GUYS!!:ride:

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