Tall Seat for '08 250

Any problems with the fit of the SDG tall seat on the '08 250?


I have no idea about the sdg,i run gutz racing tall seat

+1 on the Gutz tall seat.

WARNING, if you get a gutz firm, expect a 2x4 of a seat for approximately 100hrs before it breaks in and gets a little cushy. I love mine now that its broke in, but when I first got it, I literally had a bruised arse if I rode very long. But I rode it and beat the shit out of it with a hammer to soften it up and now its nice. :ride:

Ice racing works wonders to soften your seat.

I had no fitment issues at all with the SDG. It was hard also but I like a firm seat. My only complaint is that I ordered the black/blue seat but when mounted on the bike the blue looked more like purple.

I have the SDG tall soft seat. It isn't much taller or softer. Fit is fine.

Thanks for the feedback.

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