09 clutch pull

OK, if you own one, you know the cluth is a little harder than it should be. I put the first 2 hrs on mine last sat.. Tues I noticed it felt even harder and notchy, so I tried the relocating the cable trick by drilling a new ancor point in the lever. well that didn't work because the cable is pulled at an angle to where the cable rubbed in the adjuster. when I tried to adjust it, the cable would catch in the groove of the adjuster :ride: and thats gonna eat up the cable.

I noticed that the stock lever doesn't have a brass insert like my spare that I have for my 250, nor did it have a drop of lube. the dry aluminum lever/steel bolt was galled, so I put the spare on (with lube & brass insert) and bam, a much smoother and a little easier clutch.

OH, and I also buffed the bolt with some 1000 grit sand paper to make it smooth again.

I use a Works Connection Elite Perch on my 09 and it made the action nice and smooth.

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