SCAR footpegs-anyone use them?

They look like the would murder soles

The size looks good. For me, I never cared for the pegs that used setscrews instead of real teeth. The setscrews are not gentle on boots, yet dont grip very well. They are also horrible to remove once worn down. In mud, one member described his fastway pegs "like standing on two bars of soap" I know these are not fastways, but look like they use similar technology.

I just looked at a pair at a shop. They are bigger than my IMS pro pegs and lighter. Looks like they could work but don't know of anyone who's tried them. I like the larger size.

I like my fastways they have killer grip. I don't have the set screw cleats in mine I have the spiked ones and won't wear down like the set screws will.

Old thread but I have them on my 2012 KTM 250SX. Great grip, too good in my opinion and killing my Sidi Crossfire soles, going to get rid of the pegs. If you like a great grip and don't care about wear of your boots they work extremely well.

I saw has gytr ti pegs for 70 bucks I would buy those.

I had them on my KTM 250sx... Loved them! The only downfall was they did eat your soles.

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