CRF250X/R Transformation advice wanted

I would like to do exhaust, vent the airbox, possibly add a power bowl (or a quick start, etc) and supercooler or fan set up, as well as a 14/50 sprocket. I ride in the Arizona desert. What recommendations do you have and the stock jetting is a 40 main and a NCVT needle? The bike is a 2006 CRF250X and is currently stock. I would like to make it into a 250R trail bike/:thumbsup:faster enduro, basically.

Heres a good website to browse that helps with some of those questions.

I would suggest that getting the suspension set up right should also be at the top of the list of things to do.

Just getting the jetting right makes a noticeable difference, and that has alot to do with what engine modifications you end up with. A aftermarket pipe and cam will also make a big difference, as will a different piston.

The 14/50 gearing will probably give more than enough top speed but might take too much low end power away.

My wifes has the 14/50 and it smokes my stocker. And it handles the trails really well. 1st gear is still too short, either way but that combo seems to give a nice stretch to 2nd, minimizing a lot of shifting for me in tight stuff. Suspension has been dialed in (still stock) and seems to be fine for my riding without spending mucho$ on upgrades.

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