More Kids in the Woods??


Ok so the federal Government says they want to spend more money to get kids in the woods but in the same mouth they want to stop kids from riding.. aka banning motorcycles because of lead...

Doesnt riding in the woods count??? ***......................Oldskoo11

Stay outta the woods with your motorized death machine, you heathen.

Was monitoring a greenie website a while back (yes, I spy on them), that was advocating if you have to crap in the woods, you should take it out with you in a baggie. Isn't crap natural? And how are you supposed to crap in a baggie??

And how are you supposed to crap in a baggie??

You want pics? :lol::lol:

Nevermind, I'd probably get banned.....:ride::smirk:

That's how I commune with nature.. dirt biking that is.. not the crapping in a baggie part. It is stupid to not have kids riding in the woods. It is stupid to not have adults riding in the woods.:ride:

Inyo NF even has a web page devoted to "Pack it out."

Good thing I hiked Mt. Whitney many years ago. That just seems nasty.

I guess Mt. Whitney will never be visited by me... ever. I am sure I can find other places to visit without a doodoo packing plan.

Can anyone guess what they do with your pack out kit after they collect them. Thats right they dig a big hole and bury that *shit*............What a joke. I have spent a large portion of my life in the woods and I have never stepped in any human crap EVER!!!!

WOW I am now officially embarrased to be human. Does any other animal crap in a baggy?? My guess is no..........And trust me when i see animal crap I avoid it like theres no tomorrow. Who wants to clean that off your riding boots. Not I.....

So I think I can avoid human waste just as adeptly...................Oldskoo11

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