Feb 13 Supercross Race WHERE TO SIT!

Ok, so im taking my lady to the anaheim race, we both have 4 day weekends and are going to make a fun trip out of it!

My only beef is the ticket prices are all over the place.

64 dollars for row 122-field

75 dollars for row 220.

305 dollars for row 505!!

*** is going on with the prices, and where is a good place to sit? last time i went i had front row seats near third base (with dirt on it lol) and i hated them, so i moved and stood over home plate in the same level as the food stands, it was a much better view IMO.

Can anyone tell me what level is good for seeing the action? and what does 122-Field mean? if i sit there will i need to bring lawn chairs??

Thanks for the help!

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