Aluminium Frame?

Is it ok to use metal Polish on mr crf450's aluminium frame?

Can i spray Degreser on my engine?

sorry bout the qeustions im new to this stuff.

Yes you can spray degreaser on the engine although many use a strong detergent that usually has some degreasers in it that arent as harsh as the spray on stuff. kerosene is another good degreaser that has many uses around a bike (can also clean the chain with it)

Metal polish will actually start to polish the frame so not sure if you just want to clean it or shine it

i want to clean /shine it.If that makes sense. Thanks so much for the information Buddy Top stuff. + rep

I think you just want to get it looking like it was from the factory yes? you dont want to mirror polish it?

i would probably use a scotch brite pad and some detergent. But i dont have an aluminium framed bike so mayhbe someone else can chime in that has one

I started polishing it, the frame started to turn blackish, what should i do?

I really suggest wet sanding the cast alum. with fine sand paper, then hitting it with a buffer and mothers alum. polishhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The black stuff is just the oxidation coming of the aluminum. That is supposed to happen. Just wipe off and polish more.

The black comes right off with a rag and some WD.

Thnx heaps guys , This really helped. + rep

The frame is looking very nice !

Post some pics!

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