Officially Joining the Team!

So, today i was woken up by dad ringing me saiyin get up and have a shower, your bikes gonna be here at 10.30!

So natrually i said ok ill call you later, shot up out of bed with a grin from ear to ear jumped in the shower and got ready for its arrival.

The bike is a 2007 TE 450 with umm 2 thousand and something kilometres. It was my 2nd cousins and while he was good on the maintenance he wasnt so good at keeping it clean.

Before i could start it and look at the actual kms of the bike i pulled the seat and had a look at the air filter. I dont think it had been cleaned since i rode it last which was about a year ago, but he hasnt had the bike long and didnt do much riding in that time so i doubt any serious damage has occured :ride:

Pulled the side panels and tank off to install my T6 vent line filter kit, man what a massive PITA that was. But at the same time i enjoyed it, weird how a husky can do that to a kid huh.

Gave it a wash, apparently not very well because i still found mud in lots of hidey places. Tomorrow im gonna polish up the rims, swing arm and side panels, front and back mud guard to make it look nice.

I was going to replace the cross over hose and get an uptite Y but i dont think i will, with 2000+ kms on it i think there gonna last or they would've blown by now.

Sometime through the week im gonna take it out to a mates for the first ride when the bike is actually mine, can't wait!

Oh and any ideas for lowering it? Gonna slide the fork tubes all the way up, drop the rear spring preload off because thats wound all the way up, but it'll still be an effort to reach the ground, i have short legs :lol:

And how do i go about setting the sag without the right springs? Can't afford them, dad wont want to let me buy them. Do i go for race sag or free sag or a compromise?

Hey congrats on you new bike. You can lower it 1 - 1.5" with a Kouba lowering link. I say install the lowering link, drop the front, set the sag for your weight, and enjoy.

Soak it in WD 40...

LIES!!! I GOT LIED TO!! The bike was my 2nd cousins and he said it only had about 2500kms on it, started it up and checked the odo, 3800!!!! I'm not to concerned though as it only has 135 hours on it, gonna wait till about 200 before I do the top end, I wont be riding it hard, all fire roads, gravel roads, wide trails and monster hill climbs.

Got 'er all shined up today, looks heaps better :ride:

Now just gotta get a ride in.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if the suspension was even set up, but if it was/wasnt it wont have the correct springs for my weight, do I leave it as is and wait till I can afford springs or get the sag as close as I can?

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