Jetting advice Athena 280 kit

Hi, i'm busy fitting an Athena 280 kit on my X, anyone got any advice on base jetting for this build. It got a flowed head, 07 R cam


There's a lot of varibles to just tell you a baseline. Your climate,elevation,mods you have done,CCC's,pipe,etc.Generally you go down 2 sizes on the main with a BB.But if your still running stock jetting with your new cam and ported head you'll probably want to go up a few sizes.160-165 main 42pj.

I had a similar set up last year, 48 pilot a 07r needle on the 4th clip from top and a 160 main,it ran well with no problems,on the dyno it showed rich on the air/fuel ratio at both the bottom and top,i would probably go with a 42 pilot same needle and a 152 main.

i've just finished this years bike but have not had chance to test it yet,i should know the figures in a couple of weeks time,pm me if your interested and i will let you know the results

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