SO-CAL guys! A3 help


So My girl and I are going to drive down and going to A3!! I am so amped!!

My question is...

1. I HAVE TO GET INTO THE PITS.... does anyone know what it takes to do this?? any special pass..where do i get them....

2. At san fran I usually just get the live 105 seats!! (i am not that picky...) Does anyone know by chance if there is anything like that there??

I know its a long shot... but i figured it was worth a shot.....

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!

Nice! You are going to have fun Matt. Can't help you with your questions though.

Are you going to SF this weekend?

The first two races had a place where you could take Monster Drink cans and exchange them for a stamp on your hand that would let you get into the pits for free...


well no San Fran for me :ride:

I was hoping to find a hook up on some tickets from a fellow TT member... guess not.. LOL THERE IS STILL TIME!!! HOOK A BROTHER UP!! HAHAHAHA

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