--->Seems that FIM MX2 2 stroke displacement stays the same :(<---

As you remember that last year was told that MX2 rule will change in 2010 and also allow 250 2T in this class, seems that the rule stays the same. I must admit that I'm quite disappointed with that decision...guess they don't like to see privater to be competitive in MX2 with allot smaller budget!!!


BTW: Yesterday I also read an article from Giuseppe Luongo "The Future of Motocross" and I must say that if they want to make a motocross like a MOTO GP, then average guy has no chance to success in this sport. Only the rich people, like in GP will succeed and only "18 riders" like he said for GP will make a show to us spectators! :ride:


What you all think about this??? The part about calendar change, to allow also FIM riders to compete in supercross is OK to me :lol:

Fortunately money has to be involved in racing.

Unfortunately money has to be involved in racing.

Guess you're right. I just hope that this won't led to really high costs of MX motorcycles and parts...then we are doomed!!!!

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