case bolt just spins on kx60??

So a friend gave me a 87 KX60 because its been leaking oil and he is just tired of it. I bought a new gasket for the clutch side since that where it was leaking. all bolts tightened up fine except long top bolt on the water pump. the bolt just spins so it wont put pressure on the gasket. I tried taping it and even grinded down some metal on the outside of the case hoping the bolt would go in a little deeper and grab something but it didnt work. The hardware store didnt have any longer bolts.

The only thing I can think of is to try and make my own bolt or try and make a stud and loctight it in the case and just use a nut on the outside.

Any idea's out there? i dont think there is any room to drill the case to a larger bolt.

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