There's a KLE 250 near me I'm seriously considering looking at.

I know it's a parallel twin dual sport, 38-ish hp. Looks pretty cool.

That's about all I know.

I searched the forum, there's only five references to a KLE and most are KLE 500s, so let me have it.


hmmmmmm like this?


Yeah, I think that's what it should look like.

However, as it seems everybody who has something to sell in PA does not want to sell it to me. The owner did not reply to my emails so either he's a jerk who doesn't kill CraigsList ads when stuff sells or he's a jerk who doesn't respond to emails.

We drove to DE to buy a bike instead and are quite happy with it. But it's not a KLE250.

Based on further research I've done, I think if another one comes up at a reasonable price, I'd check it out. But only if the owner wants to sell it, clearly this guy didn't.

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