Changing timing chain '90 XR80

Any tips on doing this? My manual doesn't show how to. How do I get it off on the bottom?

Off the bottom crank sprocket? Sorry fella you gotta split the cases to change the timing chain. :ride:

What he said ^.

But I hear if youre tricky, you can pull the seal and fish it through the hole around the shaft.

Aaaaaahhhh, that just might be worth a try! I never thought about that :ride:

If I had to bring it in ..... what would a service like this run. Since I can't pull the chain through the mag hole, i am not comfortable splitting the case. Anyone know what kinda dough this'll cost?

Dude, buy a connecting link! The timing chain don't fit through the hole on the 80. It only fits through the 100 in my experience. The connecting like is like 2 bucks. You have to have a chain press to do it though.

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