lost compression & got it back????

crossed a river yesterday, right as I got out of the river the bike stalled, heck of time getting it fired back up, and while trying to fire it back up it lost a lot of compression, changed plugs and took the filter off got rid of the water around that area, the bike fired up, and got its compression back, I dont understand that. My buddy said I probally had to much gas in the crank. Im not complaining, just wondering what happen?? any buddy know??



I have had that exact scenario Dave. A bit of water might have entered the cylinder and stuck the ring for a bit. Once you get it running it frees up again. Never quite as good as it was is my experience, but it is running...

I don't know the exact mechanism for this loss of compression. Water wiping the face of the ring, water behind the ring getting it twisted into a port, I don't know. One dunking broke the lower ring on a 2 ring piston.

If the compression comes back on a single ring piston, run it until you feel like it needs a change. On a dual ring piston I'd be inclined to pull the jug to have a look.

I don't know if 'cylinder wash', where too much fuel washes all the oil off the cylinder walls and you lose compression, can happen with a 2stroke??? Sounds like that is what you buddy was referring to.

Maybe with the filter being wet etc you couldn't suck enough air to compress??

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