05RM250 Reliable lighting stator yet?

another big issue with riding 2 stroke dirt bikes is, night riding. most of my friends night ride and it sucks having a bike that you have to have put away by the time the sun starts setting:foul:. i have read up on putting a nice set of super bright halogen lights on my rm but have yet to find a RELIABLE stator to support them. i don't want to spend 800 bucks on a dual sport kit just want to put some bright headlight/headlights on my bike for night time.:lol:

if anyone know of a reliable stator for 05 rm 250 please let me know, its winter so im dumping ass loads of money into my bike for this spring :ride:

another thing i think is a good idea is the helmet headlight, kinda like a miners light. that sounds like it would be more reliable and work better for night riding on a bike.

Lighting stators for a RM250 are not powerful enough to power a really bright headlight, the one on my bike is not even as bright as a standard 2007 wr450 headlight.

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