2010 450 parts

Does anyone know if there is a parts listing available yet for the 2010 YZ 450? It is still not available on the Yamaha website....I pulled the hardware on my '10 and loctited components down, but like a knucklehead, did not snug one of the shroud bolts and it fell out...I can substitute another generic bolt, but want to replace the flanged 6mm bolt with the right part.

Shouldn't be too different from what's used on an '06-'09.

Your Yamaha dealer can get the part # off the yamaha dealer site. I have had to find part numbers for new fenders and some other parts from the site already. Your dealer should check availablity for the specific part you need before ordering, as well.

Anyone know the size of the front and rear rims for the 2010 450f

unchanged from 06-09, maybe even earlier models

front is: 21x1.60 and tie size is 80/100-21

rear is: 19x2.15 and tire size is 120/80x19

So i guess SM wheel from a 08 will fit?

So i guess SM wheel from a 08 will fit?

If you look on the RockyMountain site the 2010 wheel set has a different part number than the earlier models.

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