Shortened my Doma Muffler...Pics inside

So when i saw this picture i knew that i would not like how far my exhaust stuck out once mounted. That was confirmed when i did the intial test fit.


So i did some researching and found a few people that had cut there exhaust and decided i would do the same. I cut 6 inches off the end of the can, cut the internal pipe about an inch shorter than that to allow for the end cap to be put back on a re-riveted it using the existing end cap holes and new holes i drilled in the can.

Im a sheetmetal mechanic for the Army and work on blackhawk helicopters so this was a pretty straight forward deal for me. Took about an hour to get it looking good. I also moved the Doma plate from the outside to the inside. Since the exhaust would be covered by the number plate at least you will be able to see it through from the other side.

Before pic:







I will have pics of it on the bike next weekend and Ill update this thread with them. Feel free to leave comments

nice work. that thing stuck way out there.

please post back when you try it out. you'll have to let us know if it is obnoxiously loud.

You do very nice work. But the reason the pipe is so long just like arrow and most european pipes is to keep it very quiet but not loose any power. I kinda like the long pipe. how is the noise compared to stock.

Pics will be up in about a week and i will have an idea of how loud the pipe is. I have heard it on another bike but when i test fit mine i didn't have my new header so i didnt hear it on my bike. Im really excited to hear it.

nice job. :ride:

Impressive work!

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