Oil Smells Like Gas

I've got a new to be 06 KXF450 about 4 months ago. I did 3 oil changes in the fall (4-5 hours run time), and each time I noticed that the oil had a distinct gas smell (more then normal).

I originally thought that the pilot jetting may be a little lean, because the header pipe glows red after only 2 minutes of idling. Now that the oil is gassy, I think there something may be a little too rich. The engine has lots of compression, and starts/runs great (not sure how many hours).

Can anybody help trouble shoot this for me? I am very handy with a wrench, but my technical knowhow of carbs is subpar.


A four stroke pipe will always glow when it sits idling, its that hot its normal. Sounds kind of like a blown head gasket or a leaking valve seal. Do a leak down test. I don't think a poorly jetted carb. would cause this.

Jetting has nothing to do with fuel in your oil. Like dusty miller said, a leak down test should provide some help or you are running oil longer than 5 hours. An hour meter is a great investment to keep track of service intervals. All most every current four strokes head pipe will glow red when it is idling. So do not worry about it.

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