Ultra RarE Husky TWIN!!!

te350 husqvarna twin four stroke! enduro - $850 (wantage 07461)


Date: 2010-01-25, 7:41PM EST

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1991 husky four stroke water cooled dirtbike. it runs great and is by no meens a beginer bike it will hit about 70+ and will blow by a cr 125 its an awesome trail bike it runs great and breaks excelllent it is painted though and it looks reall good and hold up well all it does is sit. there is one problem though the clutch doesnt engage the fibers are bad id imadgine its an easy fix though and you dont really need the clutch when u ride the trails you just need to push to start off bc it will stall if you throw it into gear sitting still due to the clutch. the rear tail light is missing and the head light bolb is bad. it ha rediculous amount of compression due to its a

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! twin cylinder 350 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it has compression release and new cable to go with it as an extra a new rear tire is included and will trade for whatever you have make offers dont be scared.

************ text call very negotionable DONT LOW BALL ME THOUGH NO SCAMMERS am more of an atv guy but i do like dirtbikes also. or email **********@msn.com thanks!

I luv craigslist!:ride:

Yeah I had a couple of conversations w/ some ATV guys who did not want to listen at all about help on figuring out things like suspension setup and they exhibited preconceived notions I could not help them get over w/ logic so this does not surprise me. I don't want to stereotype all ATV'ers w/ this but this ad doesn't surprise me at all!:ride:

Now THAT'S a funny add! Gonna have to scale the brainwaves way back when you negotiate that one!

too bad the guys a numbnuts,,

the TE 350 is a great starter bike...would hope a 350 would blow by a 125...

Two pipes means two cylinders, right?:ride:

If I remember correct husqvarna made a twin 800cc 2-stroke prototype to hit the desert rallys in the beginning of the 90´s, but it was not put in production, I have indeed seen the bike in pics, I think It´s in a museum or something like that.

edit ""

found it at ADV rider forum http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=261813&page=2

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