Do 08 and 09 CRF 450's share the same clutch plates?

I was looking @ the Motosport microfiche and noticed the same part #'s for the fiber plates on the 08 and 09 450's. However, the 08 frictions were split up into 2 categories and it said you need 2 of 1 plate and 6 of another—yet they were the same part #.

Can anybody help clear this up for me. I'd like to pick up a new clutch today but nobody local stocks 09 parts. However, I'm sure I can get an 08 clutch.

The plates are MEN and MEB. One is thicker one is thinner. I user 2 of the thicker ones from pre 09 bikes. I am pretty sure it would work better with 4 or 5.

The 09 uses the same plates as the older thin ones. They are compatable.

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