drz 400 sm conversion

Hi i own a drz 400 sm and wanted to do some changes to it for the summer and found this picture of someone elses drz they have put RMZ rad scoops on there drz it looks nice i think but i just wanted to know how they did it and where did they get that tank from i have looked everywhere and cannot find that plastic tank they use to mount the RMZ plastics? all the rear plastics are standard drz plastics?


im not sure if im posting this in the right place.

Thanks Tommy

its plastics from some italian company (name?) that does not exist anymore.

so there is no way of fitting the RMZ plastics to the DRZ anymore? i dont think the standard RMZ tank will fit because it sits inside of the RMZ frame where as the DRZ one hangs over each side of the frame? any ideas if i can get hold of one of them tanks?

Thanks tommy

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,jolly good I say.

I want want rm plastics for my drz aswell, can they be bought?

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