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7602 Racing Carb Vent Tube Filter installed with pics...

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I just got my vent filter from 7602 Racing installed.

The first thing I noticed was the overall quality,it looks really good,fit and finish are top notch.

The other thing I noticed was the I.D.of the supplied vent lines,very small as compared to the standard vent lune tubing on the left.


I had installed some new vent lines a while back anyway, so I just went with them instead of potentially breaking a nipple off of the carbeurator.

Here is a view from the back.


And the side.


The filter comes with five inlets/outlets on top & bottom.Four are for the vent lines from the carb and the extra two are for a snorkel,I routed mine up under the seat.





I am satisfied with the product.Some say it is useless,some say otherwise.I have seen dirt and dust inside the vent lines up near the carb and I figure if it can get that close then it is probably getting inside.Its cheap insurance,it looks trick,& I like it....Enough said.:ride:

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