Cleaning the Powervalve

Hey guys...

Its been about 4 years since I have torn a 2-stroke apart. Just curious what you guys use to get the power valve circuit really clean? I am looking for something that I can soak it in or spray on the parts that will disolve the spuge...



I soaked the whole cylinder in kerosene, without taking the PV out. It cleaned it out completely. Brake cleaner works well too if you want a spray.

Thats what I was looking for! Kerosene wont disolve any of the seals or damage the cylinder coating?

I use Permatex Spray Gasket Remover. Spray it on and let it sit a bit, then wipe off with a rag. Use rubber gloves cuz it burns. Other things that are handy: small wire brush, brillo, fine emery cloth.


Oh man that is puuuuurrrrrty! Looks like one of the actuating arms has a bit of wear on the teeth!

Thanks Jeekins!


No. No wear. Those are the tooling marks on the surface. Don't forget to lube the clean parts with 2 stroke oil.

wow.. what do you guys ride!? My powervalve looks nothing like that lol. Nothin against what you do with kerosene but personally i think my powervalve gets a lot cleaner if you disassemble it and clean it piece by piece removing all the carbon.. it only takes about 15minutes!

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